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Mantras for the 2023.  

A heart my mom sent.  

Archetypes for the year

All the magic.

Well that was a fucking wild ride - especially the last 6 weeks of 2022... I got the chance to go to Guerneville before all the flooding to calm my nervous system down, create some space.  Re-prioritize. Got the best fucking massage from Minh at MinhTherapy...

Started off 2023 with yearly intention setting, phrases of the year... 

So here are my 2023 intentions:

I want to:

  • become a massage therapist
  • focus on Sober Soaps
  • make gift bags out of newspaper
  • foster Wild Spirit Community
  • Travel to Seattle, England, France, Germany with Family
  • cover dining room chairs
  • turn soap studio into massage room
  • feel deep peace
  • trust my instincts
  • hike weekly
  • drink H2O
  • read books
  • evening routine
  • journal
  • teach others to journal
  • send snail mail to people
  • have dinner parties monthly
  • create a sacred garden
  • be present
  • say yes only when I mean it
  • make ME a priority
  • weekly dates with Eric
  • Do more, worry less
  • Digest positive content 
  • Weekly Family Activities


I skipped intentions for week 33. That'll teach me. Ha

Week 33 was a shit show.  Let's just say I needed to cocoon and recharge my batteries.  And thanks to the hubby I did with some R&R in Guerneville. 

So last week there isn't many goals I met.  But this week, I'm rarin' to go.  I did make a template to track my goals.  I figured I needed something different after last week's "crash." So, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish.

Teetotally Awesome Goals

  • pay bills
  • declutter desk
  • family recording (jingle bells)
  • Transport Kids
  • box soap
  • address and stamp postcards for Soap Sale on Thanksgiving weekend
  • upload journal for print
  • Website consulting
  • Package Free Soap for Handbrewed Soap customer.
  • Journal
  • Move
  • Archetype
  • Drink Water
  • Read


The Bully Archetype

I can believe the cards I've been pulling lately.  But they are there for a reason, I know.  This one specifically got me, THE BULLY.  How was I being a bully to others?  But then it dawned on me.  Maybe, I was being a bully to myself. 

Symbolically, we bully our spirits into backing down from challenges, giving into fear ultimately becoming cowards.  How was I doing this in my life?  I made a list of what my inner bully likes to tell me and then switched the narrative.

Here are my stories:
I have so much to do ----------------  We have so much to do.
I have no time for myself ------------ Make the time.
I take care of others----------------take care of self.

Hummm. interesting.

 Halloween. I’m lumpin Halloween into this week. I procrastinated this year, so much of this week was getting and thrifting outfits for Little Red Riding Hood, a wolf, and 'Pam' from the series, “The Office.” 

I’m going as a mom. This is where you laugh.

A lot of emotions- Homecoming, Halloween Carnivals, grieving my mom. A friggin’ roller coaster this week has been.

Made 900 bars of soap…

And was a chauffeur… 

Here is my proof of life for the week.

Got new Merch in the Sober Soaps Store. I’m obsessed with the ‘Teetotally Awesome’ phrase. I made mugs, journals, and shirts with the saying.
Yep, this is the post on Instagram that triggered this week's grief. This is so true. My mom has been gone for 1 yr and 5 months, and sometimes I think she’s on a long vacation, but then I remember she’s not. It’s sucks.
My soap cutter that hopes to be in a band one day.

My husband coming out of a toilet!!!! The details in this haunted house were unbelievable.


My soap uniform.


This weeks guidance came in the  form of the Femme-Fatale.  To be honest, I was a little taken aback by this.  The Femme-Fatale is known for it's sexual manipulation. You may know the Femme- Fatale as the 'Black Widow'- taking what she wants from it's partner and then killing him/her once she got what she needed.

But taking out the manipulation, this is a pretty bad-ass archetype.  What you are left with is the power within.- self motivation, going after what you want on your own volitions and desires- depending on yourself to make it happen.  The manipulation is now on your brain, manipulating (or tricking) it to rid your saboteur archetype of any self doubt that it will tell you. 

The Femme Fatale was vital in making my Weekly Intentions manifest.  I was able to observe the Energy of others and watch/ take note of how they manifested their dreams, meeting those dreams with hard work.  Finally, the Femme Fatale encouraged me to constantly ask myself if what I am doing serves what I'm seeking in my life.  If not, the Femme Fatale reminds me that I need to cut it out of my life, like any 'Black Widow' would do!



  • Get Sober Soaps Orders out
  • make 600 BARS OF SOAP
  • cut soap
  • Oaklandish Order out
  • catch up on blog posts
  • catch up on social media
  • pull card of the week (Last week was Femme Fatale)
  • work on mailing list
  • create art with middle offspring
  • send out Wild Spirit Art Circle Information
  • move daily
  • work on Illumination workbook


  • SouveNEAR Order Out
  • Soap Inventory 
  • Soap boxing 
  • Weekly Archetype (Last weeks archetype: TEACHER ARCHETYPE )
  • The Sober Curator Discussion
  • Pay Bills
  • Deposit checks
  • Meditate
  • Move Daily (walks, yoga or bike)
  • read book
  • OYC performance
  • Oakland Cottage Industry Craft Show Meeting
  • Have a crap ton of fun in LA
  • Daily Gratitude Journal

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