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Journal Multi Media

The best type of journal for journaling is anything with paper.  In other words, it’s a personal preference.  I use a blank spiral bond sketch book for gratitude, I use a composition book for dreams, and I use a 1920’s book that I use to work my shit out on and then I paint over it so no one can read my thoughts.

 I do know that fancy journals (journals that are actually marketed to be journals) don’t work for me.  They give me a feeling that you can’t make a mistake in them. So I opt for the kind of journal that you can make a mistake in, that can get dirty, and are always evolving. Check them out below:

Journaling Multi-Media

I’ve always had a hard time not being in control. I like to have known outcome. I makes lists. I like to have a ‘she can handle it’ outer appearance. You may know, this comes with a price.

I didn’t know what that price was until I took an art class with an Irish artist, Amanda Grace. She was having a Creative Journaling Bootcamp. Since I’m an avid journaler,  I figured why not. I could add some artist techniques to make my entries look better (keeping up with outer appearances). Well, she had a different idea, and it was brilliant.

The aim of the course (little did I know) was to get yourself out of the way so the magic can happen. She talked about how-to shut off the inner critic, how to hide your voice in plan site, and how to let your soul speak by being open to creativity when journaling.

It was these lessons of journaling that showed me  that maybe I needed to do this in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a list person, but shit, let the control go lady, it’s exhausting and sooo boring! HA!!

I think my collage masterpiece came out pretty good, what do you think? 

Archetype and Art

I love archetypes.  I fell in love with them in May of 2019 when I started working with friend, colleague, and mentor Alison Balano.  She introduced the Myss Method of Archetypal reading to me. Over the past three years, I’ve become a student of the archetypes. 

This past month, I’ve been called to make an archetype card for each archetype I’ve been studying.  It has become a way for me to internalize the knowledge I’ve learned (that I keep diligent notes on in my journals) and turn it into art- encapsulating the symbols onto a sign card. 

I use old flash cards that I have found around the house.  I then glue and paint them, cover them with paper and magazines… 

So I’m going to keep doing this thing… cause it’s fun!

Recovery Art


There are a couple people worth mentioning that got me on this recovery, art, archetype journey. 

First and foremost is Alison Balano of Quiet Room Studio.  As I was a newly sober person, Alison was the first to work with me on identifying my patterns (archetypes) and understand symbols that were presenting themselves to me in my life. She was also inspirational as she was sober. Though we didn't talk much about substance recovery, by discussing our inner working with nothing to compromise these conversations (alcohol), made her guidance even more valuable.

The second is an instagram crush - Tammi Salas.  She is another sober woman who I came across as I searched for a sober community on the 'gram.' She was like no other sober person online.  She was posting art and her creative process while discussing how it was instrumental to her sobriety.  She also had a podcast,"The Unruffled '' that she hosted with Sondra Primeaux that I devoured.  

With these two influences, I began to create, write, and study...  I began gratitude journals, dream journals, and daily logs.  I explored the works of Jung, Mary Magdalene, Caroline Myss and Teresa of Avila.  I began to befriend myself, to learn who I was.

These two women and their influence created a solid foundation in my sobriety and inner world.  This foundation was put to the test on May 19, 2021 when my mom died unexpectedly.  The house around me metaphorically fell, but the foundation remained intact. My foundation remained solid because Tammi taught me that when the words aren't there, there is the art; and Alison illuminated that when there is unclarity, there are symbols. 

Thank you Alison and Tammi.

Computer or Paper

I've been wanting to start a blog just for me.  One to record my feeling and emotions publicly, but hidden.  A place only a few know about, that if they are intrigued with my world, can come and explore. But this is more of a place for me to find my voice in a season where my words are not so readily available.

This is why I find blogger to be the perfect place to do this.  It's ancient technology that people don't pay attention to all that much.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles the other platforms have, so I can't get overwhelmed with options of styles, formats, and the latest crap that takes away from my blog's purpose of me being me.

And, there is something so refreshing about just a blog.  There's nothing complicated about it- no hidden agenda.  It's retro, which in itself is cool...  like the come back of the typewriter..

Here is to all things retro.  Here is to honoring the basics and most importantly, finding the words. 

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