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Guidance Week 42: The Femme - Fatale Archetype

October 26, 2022


This weeks guidance came in the  form of the Femme-Fatale.  To be honest, I was a little taken aback by this.  The Femme-Fatale is known for it's sexual manipulation. You may know the Femme- Fatale as the 'Black Widow'- taking what she wants from it's partner and then killing him/her once she got what she needed.

But taking out the manipulation, this is a pretty bad-ass archetype.  What you are left with is the power within.- self motivation, going after what you want on your own volitions and desires- depending on yourself to make it happen.  The manipulation is now on your brain, manipulating (or tricking) it to rid your saboteur archetype of any self doubt that it will tell you. 

The Femme Fatale was vital in making my Weekly Intentions manifest.  I was able to observe the Energy of others and watch/ take note of how they manifested their dreams, meeting those dreams with hard work.  Finally, the Femme Fatale encouraged me to constantly ask myself if what I am doing serves what I'm seeking in my life.  If not, the Femme Fatale reminds me that I need to cut it out of my life, like any 'Black Widow' would do!

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