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Proof Of Life Week 42 -2022

October 23, 2022

 Work hard. Play hard. - a short work week for a long play week. Funny how much I got done. I definitely tuned into this past weeks archetype Femme Fatale- in the light. I went for what I wanted depending on me (not a male, as this card is about.) seizing the day, assessing the situation and acting accordingly. Maybe a little grief arose, creating a sense of urgency.

Mid week we headed down to Los Angles to celebrate the eldest 15th bday, more specifically to see Victoria Canal perform. Mind you, the eldest possesses magic when it comes to performers, as she has sung with Michael Franti, met Grace Vaanderwal, Victoria in 2019, is always the person that catching the guitar pick or drumstick, or gets the set list. I don’t think this is luck or a coincidence, it happens EVERYTIME we go to a concert… At this point, it’s a sign from the universe that she is made to sing… (more on that later.) So without further ado,  here is my proof of life for this week.

Pokémon card search results
Amazing coffee at Dialog Cafe
Santa Monica
Walk of Stars
Weird ass advertisement 
Magically meeting out of state family coincidentally 
My hubby telling LA all about Sober Soaps
A family tradition since I was a little girl
My eldest talking to Victoria Canal (refer to magic above)

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