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Making Ink

This past Spring Break, the fam flew to Seattle for a week.  I always ponder creative ways to record memories in my journals. 

Anytime I travel, I always bring my stash of art supplies: scissors, glue stick, pens, markers, watercolor pencils as I never know what I will need to cut, glue or paint.

On this particular trip, however, I left a major portion of my stash as home (oops), and I was in need of one very important tool... ink.

During some fascinating mind twist and turns trying to problem (yes I could go to the store, but that's to easy), I had an epiphany.  Ink had to be made somehow.  I COULD MAKE MY OWN INK! 

WHAT?  Of course I could make my own ink. People did hundreds of years ago.  

I threw myself down the rabbit hole of GOOGLE, and quickly learned I needed a pigment, a preservative, and a binder (which I quickly released I wouldn't have on hand on this trip), but also learned I only needed a pigment if I were to make a water color. 

Pigment can come from anywhere- specifically if I focused on natural pigments- plants, fruits, rocks, soil, burnt bark, etc.

And hence my adventures in memory ink began.  I collected items- rocks, lunch scraps, plants and made a watercolor out of them and then painted the hell with them.  

Found items that were soaked in boiling water.

The aftermath of the boiling: Coffee, berries from lunch, cherry blossoms, rock, and moss.

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