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Why I Choose Blogger As My Blog Platform In 2022

August 23, 2022
Computer or Paper

I've been wanting to start a blog just for me.  One to record my feeling and emotions publicly, but hidden.  A place only a few know about, that if they are intrigued with my world, can come and explore. But this is more of a place for me to find my voice in a season where my words are not so readily available.

This is why I find blogger to be the perfect place to do this.  It's ancient technology that people don't pay attention to all that much.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles the other platforms have, so I can't get overwhelmed with options of styles, formats, and the latest crap that takes away from my blog's purpose of me being me.

And, there is something so refreshing about just a blog.  There's nothing complicated about it- no hidden agenda.  It's retro, which in itself is cool...  like the come back of the typewriter..

Here is to all things retro.  Here is to honoring the basics and most importantly, finding the words. 

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