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Learning To Let Go Through Journaling

August 25, 2022

Journaling Multi-Media

I’ve always had a hard time not being in control. I like to have known outcome. I makes lists. I like to have a ‘she can handle it’ outer appearance. You may know, this comes with a price.

I didn’t know what that price was until I took an art class with an Irish artist, Amanda Grace. She was having a Creative Journaling Bootcamp. Since I’m an avid journaler,  I figured why not. I could add some artist techniques to make my entries look better (keeping up with outer appearances). Well, she had a different idea, and it was brilliant.

The aim of the course (little did I know) was to get yourself out of the way so the magic can happen. She talked about how-to shut off the inner critic, how to hide your voice in plan site, and how to let your soul speak by being open to creativity when journaling.

It was these lessons of journaling that showed me  that maybe I needed to do this in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a list person, but shit, let the control go lady, it’s exhausting and sooo boring! HA!!

I think my collage masterpiece came out pretty good, what do you think? 

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