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Sober Women That Got Me On The Journey of Recovery, Art and Archetypes

August 24, 2022

Recovery Art


There are a couple people worth mentioning that got me on this recovery, art, archetype journey. 

First and foremost is Alison Balano of Quiet Room Studio.  As I was a newly sober person, Alison was the first to work with me on identifying my patterns (archetypes) and understand symbols that were presenting themselves to me in my life. She was also inspirational as she was sober. Though we didn't talk much about substance recovery, by discussing our inner working with nothing to compromise these conversations (alcohol), made her guidance even more valuable.

The second is an instagram crush - Tammi Salas.  She is another sober woman who I came across as I searched for a sober community on the 'gram.' She was like no other sober person online.  She was posting art and her creative process while discussing how it was instrumental to her sobriety.  She also had a podcast,"The Unruffled '' that she hosted with Sondra Primeaux that I devoured.  

With these two influences, I began to create, write, and study...  I began gratitude journals, dream journals, and daily logs.  I explored the works of Jung, Mary Magdalene, Caroline Myss and Teresa of Avila.  I began to befriend myself, to learn who I was.

These two women and their influence created a solid foundation in my sobriety and inner world.  This foundation was put to the test on May 19, 2021 when my mom died unexpectedly.  The house around me metaphorically fell, but the foundation remained intact. My foundation remained solid because Tammi taught me that when the words aren't there, there is the art; and Alison illuminated that when there is unclarity, there are symbols. 

Thank you Alison and Tammi.

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