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My Prayer To My Daughter

September 07, 2022


Today, Emma had oral surgery.  She had a tooth extracted and another exposed- a canine that wants to live it's best life near her nose.  

She was anxious going in as they were going to put her under.  I was anxious because I couldn't physically be with her.  

So, while she she underwent her procedure and I sat in my car, I prayed to her and created the above journal entry.  I wanted to let her know who she is- that she is not alone- and that she could do hard things.

An hour after the procedure, I got a phone call to come up and get her.  Everything went fine, but she was in release mode...  all of her previous anxiety was coming out in full force by the way of tears and snot.  And so I whispered in her ear the prayer from above and told her to breath.  She doesn't remember this moment, but I do.  

I think my prayer wasn't just for her.  It was for me.  Reminding ME of who she is, that I'M not alone and that SHE can do hard things.

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