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Guidance for Week 43-2022- The Bully Archetype

October 30, 2022


The Bully Archetype

I can believe the cards I've been pulling lately.  But they are there for a reason, I know.  This one specifically got me, THE BULLY.  How was I being a bully to others?  But then it dawned on me.  Maybe, I was being a bully to myself. 

Symbolically, we bully our spirits into backing down from challenges, giving into fear ultimately becoming cowards.  How was I doing this in my life?  I made a list of what my inner bully likes to tell me and then switched the narrative.

Here are my stories:
I have so much to do ----------------  We have so much to do.
I have no time for myself ------------ Make the time.
I take care of others----------------take care of self.

Hummm. interesting.

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