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January 2023 Reflection

February 08, 2023

Well, that was a flop.  All the intentions were set.  All the rituals were had. And then... nothing.

I watched TV.

I did read three books (that's cool considering I may only read one book in a year).

I looked at a lot of instagram because "I was looking for inspiration", but there was ZERO art created.

I maintained everything for Sober Soaps and Music Is First.

I focused on everyone  else's shit, their dilemmas, their decisions because here is the TRUTH BOMB.

I didn't want to do the work ... the spiritual work to keep me grounded.  The physical work to keep my body healthy. The visioning and strategizing of a business / non profit.

Guess what?  It's all ok.

I'm tired.  I need to rest. You maybe too.  

So the bigger question is, 'Is my rest restful or a distraction from rest? '

Yes, most of it was a distraction from rest. The instagram. The TV. Being in everyone's business.  

But I learned. I witnessed myself spiraling a little bit.  I realized that the rituals and intentions were more rest related than the screen time.

So what next?Take the next best step.  Authentically rest when you need it. Take breaks. And then when you are ready, emerge back into the world.

Here is a recap in photos:

Marin Headlands- California
My Mom sent me love at the Marin Headlands.

Sober Journal  Teetotally Awesome Goals
My Teetotally Awesome Goals Journal got published. You can buy one here!

Oakland Museum
I went to the Feminist Exhibit at the Oakland Museum.

Sober Soaps Birthday

Eric and I celebrated birthdays. Yep, we are birthday buddies.

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