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Proof Of Life- March 13, 2023 -Week 12

March 17, 2023

 Life did not exist since the end of January.  It did, but I was in the height of worry, dread, and anticipation so it's very hard to account for what happened for the past 7 weeks.  There was a lot of rain in Northern California, and by a lot I mean, NO ONE IN 100 years has seen it rain that much.  There was even snow...

My husband pointed out to me I needed to do things differently, my funk was started to affect everyone so I made a list of things I thought would restore me to me and this is what I did...

I got a two hour massage that incorporated sound healing (highly recommend it).  

I started back with yoga.  

Oh, and I took Inner Engineering with Sadhguru.

 I started the practice of gratitude journaling again.

And spent quite a lot of time thrifting.

Self care is no joke.  It fucking helps... a lot.

There are no pictures today.  There is just words... a beginning of a practice to come back to myself!


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